There is no ETA so far. There are weeks, where we can fully dedicate ourselves into the project, but there are also weeks, when other tasks and projects require our constant attention.

Like we said many times - we are developing TinyCP in our free time, which sometimes can be very limited. All the important progress is always being reported in the main thread.

Releasing the beta for you is also very important for us, but we don't want to release it without major modules that were present in v1.

You have to be patient about that one :) 

TinyCP in current version is not available for ARM devices.

V2 most likely will be arm compatible (we have tested it some time ago on Rock64, most of our features were working). 

Thanks for your feedback, it's always good to read some constructive comments about our software.

Some of those features are already in v2 (import from SQL file, easier ssl setup for domains, all domains visible in main list). We will surely keep your post in mind while developing the rest of it. 

V2 is going to be somehow ARM compatible (working so far on Rock64) - but since it is still unreleased, lots of things may change or some ARM devices might have limited functionality 

Hi, could you please provide us more information?

What OS are you using (name, arch and version)?
What client name did you put in input field?
What locale you have installed on your server?
Is it a VPS? If so - what virutalization is used?
What kernel version is used?

It is alive. Since v2 is still in beta stage (and v1 is no longer supported) - a lot of things change, so we are not documenting stuff yet. Most of people are active on our Discord channel so they can get faster reply and help with bugs.

Changelog will be available on the website in coming days, so you'll be able to track the progress. 

Please paste a screenshot of root@localhost user permissions from TinyCP. Looks like you have modified it's permissions and it cannot create a new user due to that.

Also show us your MariaDB version by running following command in MariaDB instance:

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