How to Beta test Version 2

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Is there a small ETA on the Beta and the release? I want to convert my server over to TinyCP but only with the new version :)


Yes, TinyCP nice app.
When will there be a new version? :) Apr, Mai, Jun... no more info..
Development cycle?  

There is no ETA so far. There are weeks, where we can fully dedicate ourselves into the project, but there are also weeks, when other tasks and projects require our constant attention.

Like we said many times - we are developing TinyCP in our free time, which sometimes can be very limited. All the important progress is always being reported in the main thread.

Releasing the beta for you is also very important for us, but we don't want to release it without major modules that were present in v1.

You have to be patient about that one :) 

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