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I have just came across your product and at a first sight is exactly what I was asking for. A year ago I was looking for something light for my personal self hosted web server. I ended up setting up a heavy duty product with tons of unnecessary (unless Im hosting GoDaddy :) ) for me features that made the setup a two days job. Please keep it clean and simple!

During my the migration process I missed the following features:

* Import MySQL database from a file. I guess that would be quite easy since I managed to import it via CLI.

* Backup on remote locations (SFTP)

* Include phpMyAdmin in your features set as optional. That will save a few commands and a couple of clicks :)

* Im a bit skeptical regarding Samba. Since is a web server the only thing that it could really serve me is to SMB to my domains directories so I can edit my htmls for example. But again, writing those files it will change the owner group of the file which later on apache will cry. I would really like to hear your point of view on that

* Expand a bit the Apache / PHP modules list. Like (bcmath, mbstring, gd etc.)

* An easy way to setup SSL on the panels domain it will be awesome

* A drop down list for the subdomains on the domains list it will be much appreciated. Setting up my domains I found my self making changes to the root domain instead of the subdomain. Thats totally aesthetic feature, but personally I would love it.

* Exporting site is also quite important. That means it should tar doc root and databases. We all screw up our websites at some point. An easy way to backup everything before we start working on it, it will save a lot of us.

* 2 factor authentication feels poor. I would love SMS or even email.

* As this guy said (,255.html) Thats a BIG no. use some kind of encryption.

And now my praises:

* I love the way sort the proxy setup and SSL! Simple and neat.

* Emails setup, just a piece of cake

* The features list is a brilliant idea. Install what you need. Love it

* IPTables so simple. Click this and that, your are done!

That for now. I will update my thread if I come across something else.

Also, while I was migrating I set my TinyCP server IP to .11. My old server was listening to .8.

I migrated everything and TinyCP was working fine. Then I shut down my old server and change the TinyCP IPs to 8 ( So I dont have to reconfigure my Firewall Appliance).

That was it everything broke down. On the list domains on the Listen column it was still showing the .11 IP, alothough insed the domain it was shown .8 including the VirtualHost records.

To resolve that I had to remove all domains and add them again. then they started working.

Thanks for your feedback, it's always good to read some constructive comments about our software.

Some of those features are already in v2 (import from SQL file, easier ssl setup for domains, all domains visible in main list). We will surely keep your post in mind while developing the rest of it. 

Thx Kyriakos for your feedback.

If you mind I will send you BETA access myself personally (when it starts).

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