Cant create user

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INSERT INTO `mysql`.user 	                        (Host, User, Password, plugin, ssl_cipher,  x509_issuer, x509_subject, authentication_string, Select_priv,  Insert_priv, Update_priv, Delete_priv, Create_priv, Drop_priv,  Reload_priv, Shutdown_priv, Process_priv, File_priv, Grant_priv,  References_priv, Index_priv, Alter_priv, Show_db_priv, Super_priv,  Create_tmp_table_priv, Lock_tables_priv, Execute_priv, Repl_slave_priv,  Repl_client_priv, Create_view_priv, Show_view_priv, Create_routine_priv,  Alter_routine_priv, Create_user_priv, Event_priv, Trigger_priv,  Create_tablespace_priv) 	                        VALUES ('%', 'iwanttodie',  PASSWORD('jtNMX#6dCSa5D6x_'), '', '', '', '', '', 'N', 'N', 'N', 'N',  'N', 'N', 'N', 'N', 'N', 'N', 'N', 'N', 'N', 'N', 'N', 'N', 'N', 'N',  'N', 'N', 'N', 'N', 'N', 'N', 'N', 'N', 'N', 'N', 'N') ERROR 1471 (HY000) at line 1: The target table user of the INSERT is not  insertable-into

Please paste a screenshot of root@localhost user permissions from TinyCP. Looks like you have modified it's permissions and it cannot create a new user due to that.

Also show us your MariaDB version by running following command in MariaDB instance:

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