Just, uninstall bind9 and use external DNS management :)

I still cannot imagine why admins make DNS on the same server where is hosting. 
DNS point at itself and what when server is down ? 
What about protection of DNS attacks ?
Almost all domain sellers provide also DNS servers with good management and protection.


TUN is not available because is not implemented in TinyCP :)
You are right, TUN is not supported by Android and iOS.
We chose TAP because it has more features than TUN.
TAP give us assigning IP for clients, access to devices in the same VPN network etc. etc.
Maybe in near future we handle TUN too, but not now, we have big TODO list.

Would be nice to have got some ideas and preferences how to make good tuning algorithm.

There are many in Internet but are not confirmed or lack of results. Maybe someone has good experience about that ?

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