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Reported by: jasonlau
Created: 1 month 14 days ago
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Im running latest v2 on KVM VPS.
However after i installed OpenVPN, it will always create TAP instead of TUN.
I have tried changing server config to dev tun.
But when i create a new user profile, the profile itself will create dev tap.
After rebooting server, everything went back to dev tap.
How can i change to TUN permanently?
Android and iOS can only support TUN.


TUN is not available because is not implemented in TinyCP :)
You are right, TUN is not supported by Android and iOS.
We chose TAP because it has more features than TUN.
TAP give us assigning IP for clients, access to devices in the same VPN network etc. etc.
Maybe in near future we handle TUN too, but not now, we have big TODO list.

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