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I setup ns1 and ns2 on my registrars (namecheap) end and pointed the domain to these. Apache and bind9 appear to be installed and working. I added the domain on tinyCP. For some reason I cannot ping ns1, ns2, or the domain. It's been about 24 hours, and I expected propagation would be complete by now. I flushed the DNS cache on my end as well. What am I doing wrong? 

I see tinyCP doesn't take care of the DNS. This is a must for any web hosting control panel in my opinion. I will be back once this feature exists, but for now it's not worth it for me. Everything else about this control panel is fantastic though. 


Just, uninstall bind9 and use external DNS management :)

I still cannot imagine why admins make DNS on the same server where is hosting. 
DNS point at itself and what when server is down ? 
What about protection of DNS attacks ?
Almost all domain sellers provide also DNS servers with good management and protection.

as said i like the master / slave configuration ;)
you configure the dns once where you bought the domain and after that you control it over your own server and may redirect it to another if you want and so on.

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