The site is not available from Russia

Reported by: Bichukin Andrey
Created: 4 months 27 days ago
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Good afternoon! Unfortunately, our court and the Prosecutor's office blocked the ip on which your site is located. It is currently not possible to connect to it without using a vpn. As I see, the court's decision concerns the telegram service, which also uses your ip. Is it possible to change ip or add mirror? Even the server can't update anything. I would like to try v2 already. Thank you in advance for your help and in General for your work! Your control panel is very convenient.


Thanks, but the first branch doesn't fit. Will the mechanism of upgrading to the second branch from the first on the working server be implemented somehow?

I see You are using old version of tinycp.

We don't support it since many months. Try migrate to V2

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