@timce2000,  the update icon is located in the top right corner next to "Sign Out" icon. If there is any updates pending or new release the notification will appear next to the icon. If the icon is missing in your TInyCP, possibly a broken installation. Please reinstall your TinyCP.



I agree @Wojtek, DNS management should be left to domain providers. TinyCP is simple and elegant the way it is, adding such unnecessary functions will "clutter" the whole application interface, that is why I left other control panels. @Dmouradov, LESS is MORE.

Mate, you will be spending ages trying get TinyCP to detect packages already installed (possibly facing compatibility issue etc), I would suggest spinning a new machine and DON'T install any packages. TinyCP will install all the required compatible packages.  Most of the application listed are installed by TinyCP anyway. You can always install other packages not shipped with TinyCP etc (redis, exim+dove) however you run the risk of making your system inoperable if installed package clashes with TinyCP alternative packages.

1. Create FTP User account and specify Directory (e.g /var/www/[domain.tld]) as shown below;

2. I recommend using FileZilla (ftp) as a beginner to transfer files to your web directory as shown below;

Note: You can also use WinSCP (sftp) but requires additional config. 


I suspect this could be permission misconfiguration in the root folder, however please share this 2 files;

1. /opt/tinycp/domains/

2. /opt/tinycp/domains/

Do you have added to your DNS records?



Great platform mate.

Will the new current platform be upgraded to the new version when released or new clean install? If you need testers for the new platform I am available to put it under heavy load and report back bugs and suggestions. 


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