TinyCP uninstalled apache by itself + error

Reported by: SkyCityCZ
Created: 4 months 18 days ago
Last reply: 8 days ago
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@SkyCityCZ, when asking for help/fix it would be in your best interest to attach a snapshot of the error or error log etc.

Now please attach relevant error log for us to help troubleshot the issue.



Notice:  Undefined variable: httpdroot in /opt/tinycp/www/mods/web/apache/__init.php on line 170
Notice: Undefined variable: configfile in /opt/tinycp/www/mods/web/apache/__init.php on line 170
Notice: Undefined variable: user in /opt/tinycp/www/mods/web/apache/__init.php on line 171
Notice: Undefined variable: group in /opt/tinycp/www/mods/web/apache/__init.php on line 172
Warning: file_put_contents(/): failed to open stream: Is a directory in /opt/tinycp/www/mods/web/apache/__init.php on line 188

Please copy and paste your /opt/tinycp/www/......./_init.php so that I can compare with my current one.

What TinyCP version are you using?


I managed to solve it. It seems I had accidentally corrupted the apache.conf file. I found the characters that don't belong there and saved it and now it works :-)

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