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I've Ubuntu server with all packages (psql, nginx, php, redis, exim+dove, fail2ban etc.) already manually installed and fully configured. I just needed a CP for client access for manaing e-mail accouunts. Then i found and installed TinyCP.

I've already manually installed E-Mail Server (Postfix + Dovecot + DKIM), but TinyCP cant detect it. Hot to manually update status without running install process (i guess it will remove and install all the packages again)? 

P.S. System / Package Manager : i did all updates etc. CP Still cant detect packages.


Mate, you will be spending ages trying get TinyCP to detect packages already installed (possibly facing compatibility issue etc), I would suggest spinning a new machine and DON'T install any packages. TinyCP will install all the required compatible packages.  Most of the application listed are installed by TinyCP anyway. You can always install other packages not shipped with TinyCP etc (redis, exim+dove) however you run the risk of making your system inoperable if installed package clashes with TinyCP alternative packages.

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