System Crashes "unresponsive" when deleting sub-domains

Reported by: Chris
Created: 4 months 6 days ago
Last reply: 4 months 2 days ago
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I have the latest TinyCP version. When I try to delete a sub-domain, the system becomes unresponsive and stop working all together. The "loading" notification comes to the foreground and stays on the screen. 

I have tried to track down the error log but I cant see anything on the log file pointing to the issue.

I have tracked down the issue to be partially numerous/abnormal "php-sessions" files located at /opt/tinycp/domains/[domain.tld]/php-sessions. In my case I have '207559' files in 1 folder!



I removed all the files inside php-sessions folder using cmd #rm -rf /opt/tinycp/domains/[domain.tld]/php-sessions/{*,.*} and I was able to successfully deleted the sub-domain from TinyCP.

I fail to find the reason/issue leading to php-sessions folder bloating with so many files!!!



We are currently working on total new version of TinyCP. (there wont be sessions)
In this version of TinyCP we do only critics updates, no features.
More info about new version TinyCP soon.

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