I kind understand that. :)

I'm not a real web/linux administrator/webmaster.. I'm more the guy for everything.

Currently I'm not thinking of changing the servers in any frequent way, as they are damn cheap, to be honest I want to keep it that way, thats why I'm looking for alternatives in general. No Joke: tinycp is what I liked most and works. I tried nearly every CP (free or cheap) and this works out of box. I somewhat "want" a Control Panel that is (light and) free (or cheap) and I'm just prefering one time payments (done and forget about it). I always used Plesk, because it was included in the servers, but now the prices increased so much they don't bundle it anymore. Now I have even cheaper servers and just want something to mange them. Nothing on a daily basis... more like once month (or two)

teaser looks smooking hot. :)

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