git subdomain and let's encrypt ssl (htpasswd) issue

Reported by: KNARZ
Created: 1 month 22 days ago
Last reply: 1 month 19 days ago
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Is it somehow possible to have a git subdomain (like and have an let's encrypt certificat?

If git is enabled I directly get the htpasswd prompt, so LE can't access to acme file.

If I disable git it's working.

Can you try disabling GIT and then generate Let's Encrypt certificate? After it's generated - you can re-enable the GIT and SSL should be working just fine. If that won't work - I have submitted a test fix for it (v467), but I do not know when it's gonna be built (@Wojtek is currently away).

We'll tweak it more in v2.

"If I disable git it's working." should mean that if I disable Git I can create the LE certificat with no problems.

after that I can enable git again and it all works with LE cert. But renewing would become kind of annoying :)

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