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Hi. Just wanted to ask about the licensing plans. What are you thinking about in the future? Is it possible to get a lifetime license? (Like the price for 2-3 years up-front) I consider to run tinycp for a nextcloud instance, so pretty basic stuff (nothing more) and maybe in the future another server for backup tasks. your cp looks very promising but I don't want to implement everything to pay too much for a cp I very rarely use (for maintenance). 

best regards.

We are under hard work reimplementing now.
Didn't think about licences much.
Do you think you wont change VPS or Cloud in the middle of period ?
We will find a solution because we are same as you, we are administrators too.

Small teaser of v2 :)

I kind understand that. :)

I'm not a real web/linux administrator/webmaster.. I'm more the guy for everything.

Currently I'm not thinking of changing the servers in any frequent way, as they are damn cheap, to be honest I want to keep it that way, thats why I'm looking for alternatives in general. No Joke: tinycp is what I liked most and works. I tried nearly every CP (free or cheap) and this works out of box. I somewhat "want" a Control Panel that is (light and) free (or cheap) and I'm just prefering one time payments (done and forget about it). I always used Plesk, because it was included in the servers, but now the prices increased so much they don't bundle it anymore. Now I have even cheaper servers and just want something to mange them. Nothing on a daily basis... more like once month (or two)

teaser looks smooking hot. :)

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