Hi zaim.

Tell me TinyCP version (top-right menu -> Updates)
And how long take processing pages (bottom bar - ie Handled in 0.256 sec)

I have few really cheap VPS (2$ per month) and TinyCP works fast enough.

Hi Makkan

Thx for feedbacks.
We will add possibility to reset default ACME user in Mail Server settings soon.

For now you can delete follow files manually:


In near future we plan fix and improve all functionalities we have.
Next would be support for CentOS and Docker.

New functionalities will be made as needed later.
For sure we'll take in consideration all posts from "Future Requests" forum.

This issue was mentioned before. We have already fixed it in our dev version.
I cannot do update right now because of big part of untested code.

New update should be in next 1 or 2 days.

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