[SOLVED] Handler time too long

Reported by: zaim
Created: 9 months 17 days ago
Last reply: 9 months 16 days ago
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every page needs to be loaded in average 12sec. It doesn't matter if I load it in LAN or per remote address. Am I the only one with this problem?

Where in the CP are you having this issue? mine is pretty snappy... maybe 1 - 2 sec on a low end vps

Hi zaim.

Tell me TinyCP version (top-right menu -> Updates)
And how long take processing pages (bottom bar - ie Handled in 0.256 sec)

I have few really cheap VPS (2$ per month) and TinyCP works fast enough.

I have a private server at home. Running fast with AMD FX8350 and SSD, internet connection 200MB/s, debian 9. As I said in the bottom bar it says handled in 12sec. Everything is fast on this machine. I'm using version 274

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