I too am curios if a complete overhaul will be required. im currently migrating to the current version of tinyCP from ajenti after that project was all but abandoned. hoping not to have to do a complete reinstall again, but im really really happy to see the multi server support being added. i also love that your doing it to make the panel faster, in its current form its already the fastest panel on the market. great work and if you ever are interested in community help please let me know.

had the same issue. it doesnt seem that the command to add a source list is properly completing for some reason. You'll need to edit /etc/apt/sources.list with vim or nano etc and add this line to the bottom:
deb http://repos.tinycp.com/ubuntu all main

then save the file and run apt-get update again and you shoudl now be able to install with apt-get install tinycp

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