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Reported by: Bart
Created: 1 month 13 days ago
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I try to download the package on a Ubuntu 20 instance following the steps provided on this webpage, but it keeps failing. The error I get is:

Unable to locate the package tinycp

I checked the access rights on the required file on my side listing the package location and it seems OK. The commands I used:

TINYCP_USER="user" sudo apt-get install tinycp
sudo apt-get install tinycp

Both fail with the same error. And it makes no difference between main and nightbuild. Both give the same error.

deb all main
deb all nightbuild

Could you help me to get the app downloaded on my VPS? Thanks!

had the same issue. it doesnt seem that the command to add a source list is properly completing for some reason. You'll need to edit /etc/apt/sources.list with vim or nano etc and add this line to the bottom:
deb all main

then save the file and run apt-get update again and you shoudl now be able to install with apt-get install tinycp

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