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I just cant get TinyCP to remember default hostname (, but not getting any error tho.

How can I troubleshoot that?

Other than this, I think its a great system. Made for professionals by professionals. Thank You for a big job You did.

So I keep getting errors on mail service

2019-04-11 11:08:32  [2]	postfix/sendmail	fatal: bad string length 0 < 1: myhostname =	  
2019-04-11 11:04:10  [4]	postmulti	fatal: bad string length 0 < 1: myhostname =	  
2019-04-11 11:03:58  [30]	postfix/postmap	fatal: bad string length 0 < 1: myhostname =


My settings:
Write in default hostname, and press "Update" button.

System update, and my log analyzer page blank.
It does not work properly?


Nore sure where is 'system update', but log analyzer doesn't give any errors on saving.

Field is empty after save and sometimes mail service stops working, so I have to come backs here and enter hostname again and save.


I am unable to set my hostname from within TinyCP as well. The support, from the community and developer, are fairly poor from what I have noticed. I have been using TinyCP for around 2 months now and it's not bad; however, it is missing some functionally that I would very much miss from other panels. I am thinking about moving away from it and using something like VestaCP again. 


I would feel the same way, however, please consider that this project is still on startup, there is not much you can expect for yet in terms of support. 
What I suggest, try Ubuntu 14 instead, this should not give you much headache. 



It would be great if you could provide us more details about what exactly OS + version are you using, is it behind some kind of virtualization (important if it is a VPS, some providers block hostname changing via commands and must be done through their website)?

Also - post here

1. Output from this command:

hostname -A

2. Content of /etc/hosts (you can mask the IP addresses)


hostname -A returns empty. It is Debian 9.8 (Stretch) on XCP-NG (XEN based) virtualisation (not sure if that matter).

user@ferma:~$ hostname

user@ferma:~$ hostname -A

user@ferma:~$ cat /etc/hosts       localhost ferma
# The following lines are desirable for IPv6 capable hosts
::1     localhost ip6-localhost ip6-loopback
ff02::1 ip6-allnodes
ff02::2 ip6-allrouters

Any ideas anyone?

2 weeks passed, but no solution.

Sometimes mail server stops working because of this (then I have to enter hostname again to make it work).

Loosing email service is absolutely unacceptable at any time of the day as incoming email gets rejected.


Sorry, we have no time to support old version.
Our work is afterwork. I hope in the future we focus only on tinycp.
Looks like you modified /etc/hosts manually. Doubles of IP ie.: is not even allowed in manual of this file.

this doesnt matter - same behaviour with fresh install.

So how do I upgrade to the new (supported) version?

Any ideas?

I was on my way moving all my VMs from Vesta to TinyCP,  but lack of support is quite concerning. 

The point is - your hosts file looks really weird with those doubled entries for I also cannot reproduce that bug on any of my servers nor virtual machines which makes it harder to track it down - and chasing such bugs right now will only slow us down with the release of new version. We are aware that hosts handling needs to be redone completly there.

I have posted a test fix (a fallback for current check to be honest). It's gonna be released in rev. 467, but I do not know when it's gonna be released as I do not have access to build server.

As I've said - that doesnt matter.

Fresh install of TinyCP on Debian 9.8 does (not) the same thing.

I don't think this problem will go away by itself. Anyone has a 'new' version? Or a list of supported OS'es?
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