Website cannot be reached

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Created: 5 months 20 days ago
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DNS Records name server name server name server name server
A Records has address
CNAME Records has no CNAME record
MX Records has no MX record
TXT Records has no TXT record
SOA Records has SOA record 1549146981 10800 3600 604800 3600 works Infinite loading => no site => cant activate ssl same as

ANY help?
yes i rebranded the panel for my customers (i added hyperlink in the "dashboard section" so it still links to you guys but if it is okay i would remove that link too so its fully rebranded or if its not okay i can put it back into original state)

I suspect this could be permission misconfiguration in the root folder, however please share this 2 files;

1. /opt/tinycp/domains/

2. /opt/tinycp/domains/

Do you have added to your DNS records?


Mate, both logs are empty hence not useful. Possible need to look at your server config


where should i look like? im a total noob at linux debuging i just cleanly installed ubuntu updated and run the installer as shown on instalation video

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