Feature - System tools

Manage your system settings with ease by using TinyCP. You can easily set-up user accounts, groups, upgrade packages and prepare CRON jobs.

Package manager

This tab allows you to view, install, uninstall and upgrade system packages. Package installation includes auto-suggestions as you type. You can also preview changelog for upgradeable packages.

TinyCP - Package manager

System users & groups

You can preview, add, edit and remove system users and groups from here. Entities created or required by system are mostly read-only. "root" user can be partially modified, custom users and groups can be modified freely.

TinyCP - System users and groups

In user details form you can setup information like: GECOS, SSH authentication, change shell mode, assign user to groups, change authentication password and generate/import SSH authorization keys.

TinyCP - System user edit form

CRON jobs

You can manage your CRON tasks by setting the right schedule and picking up correct user. By default CRON tasks will be run as a shell command, but you can also choose to execute a script located under some URL.

TinyCP - CRON tasks

DNS & Timezones

We also support settings like server timezone and used DNS server. Straightforward options that do not require explanations.

TinyCP - DNS & Timezones