Feature - Modules

Modules are our approach to installing individual parts of a panel together with system dependencies.

Install on demand

By default, our panel does not install any modules. You have full control over what is on your server. Do you need a web server and email support? Perhaps you want to use TinyCP only as an FTP or Samba server? All you have to do is install the module you are interested in!

If TinyCP was installed over existing/non-clean system installation - panel will attempt to detect any matching modules with an option to prepare them to be ready with TinyCP.

TinyCP - modules after clean installation

The only system packages that are installed are those required by the module. Some modules depend on others (like GIT and SVN in the photo below) - those won't be installed with Apache and you will be able to install them (if needed) once Apache is installed.

TinyCP - nested modules and module status

Keeps system clean

If you try to access a non-installed module - you will receive a proper information about that. You also will be able to go from there to module installation page and install required module.

TinyCP - non-installed module information