Feature - File sharing

TinyCP provides some useful modules that can be used even in local home network (like Samba or DLNA). File explorer however might come handy whenever you need to access server files without having access to SSH or other remote access tools.

File explorer

Our custom-made file browser. Allows you to move, copy, paste files in current window or if another file explorer instance is active - it allows you to do the action to "next tab".

Another actions are: file/directory delete, rename and permission/owner change and create new directory.

TinyCP - File explorer

Samba & DLNA

Samba can be used to quickly create network shares that can be accessed by devices in network. You can set basic Samba settings like workgroup, DLNA name or server NetBIOS name.

TinyCP - Samba & DLNA

Once you create a Samba share - you can mark is as a certain DLNA type like: browse directory, pictures, pictures & audio, audio and video.

TinyCP - share details

FTP server (vSFTPd)

vsFTPd is used as a FTP server. Configurations and available options are plain simple. You can manage users, set their FTP home directory, as well as set FTP banner and enable SSL.

TinyCP - FTP server (vSFTPd)