Feature - Emails

TinyCP uses exim4 + dovecot for email management. This allows you to easily check logs of received and sent emails, check which one are still in queue to be send, change RBL settings and set up whitelists and blacklists.

Email accounts

List of already created email accounts. This will also show you active settings about active forwarding, copy sending, auto-responding and alternative names.

TinyCP - email accounts

Email + web server

Once both email and web modules are enabled - you gain access to additional "Emails" tab in every domain. From there you can check DNS information, setup a catch-all account for non-existing accounts as well as set an outgoing IP address.

TinyCP - Email + web server

Account settings

This form allows you to set all the important settings for specific email account like:

  • Alternative user names
  • Sending copies of all messages sent from this account
  • Forwarding
  • Auto-responder
  • Account description (where you can store any information)
  • Change password.

You can also see connection information so you don't have to look for them.

TinyCP - Account settings


Have you ever wondered why some emails didn't reach you? The logs will show you a history of all messages that your server has received or sent, including whether the message was blocked anywhere.

TinyCP - Logs


All messages that are currently stuck in queue, waiting to for any action to be taken. You can mass resend, delete - as well as do those action for single or selected messages.

TinyCP - Queue

Server settings

Global email settings related to all existing accounts. You can setup whitelist or blacklist certain IP addresses, emails and domains to filter out or ensure that certain messages are received.

You can also block defined by you messages that contain attachments with certain file extensions, as well as set up RBL and DKIM settings.

TinyCP - Server settings