Feature - Databases

TinyCP supports MariaDB/MySQL servers, including database importing, user permissions, global/database only users, executing raw SQL code.

Server preview

The main view of the MySQL server allows you to view existing databases, global users, configure tasks for backup and import an SQL file.

TinyCP - Server preview

Backup tasks

Backup tasks are - in some way - similar to CRON tasks. You can as well set a schedule and a command that will be run after backup (use full for uploading backed up files somewhere).

You can also exclude tables that you do not want to backup, enable compression and set the scheduler to remove old backups.

TinyCP - Backup tasks


Once you open a database in TinyCP, you'll be able to see which tables, functions, procedures and triggers it contains. You can also add database specific users from here (as well as permissions for them).

TinyCP also allows you to execute any SQL queries from here. Those will be run by root user.

TinyCP - Databases

Users & permissions

Both global and database specific users share similar settings. You can change the existing password and update any permission that you want.

TinyCP - Users & permissions

Import database (remote)

A very useful tool for those who need to transfer an existing database from an external server. Root permissions are required on remote server.

TinyCP - Import database (remote)

MySQL/MariaDB server settings

Server-wide settings that affects all tables, users etc.

TinyCP - MySQL/MariaDB server settings