Two Factor Authentication

Reported by: zaim
Created: 9 months 12 days ago
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It works, but only if I enter the code per hand. If I scan the QR Code it says invalid Code.

Could you try to scan it with other device? So far every QR code I've generated was valid.
Perhaps you are using some kind of browser add-on, which inverted colors of QR code?
You can also try re-enabling the 2FA (uncheck "Enable 2-factor authentication", save, then check it again, this will generate you a new code + secret).

If none of above - could you send me an email ( with URL to your QR code? Simply right-click on it and press "Copy the image address" (this may be different on browser).

I was able to succesfully set up 2 Factor Auth with Authenticator Plus (Android)

Update: Previously I was able to configure this as the admin account, but after I created a new account and tried to set it up on that new account (with admin role) I was unable to and received the following error: Failed to edit two-factor authentication settings for TinyCP user.

I am still able to use (and set/unset) 2 Factor Auth on my admin account

RickoT This error currently pops up when you are trying to edit/modify/set 2FA for other admin account (even if your account is admin one). This is simply to prevent someone else from locking you out via 2FA replace. I guess we need to have some kind of superadmin role which would be limited to 1 user only and is able to modify such sensitive settings.

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