Raspberry Pi 4 & 64GB SD-Card

Reported by: Musicscore
Created: 5 months 14 days ago
Last reply: 3 months 19 days ago
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I want to use RPI4 with 64GB SD-Card. TinyCP can be installed using PI OS. Apache can be installed and PHP can be installed. Be there are no PHP Modules installed. Also, they can not be installed via PHP Modules options in TinyCP. Using a 32GB SD-Card, everything is working perfect. Please advise.

Please advise. Need 64GB storage.

This is more a workaround than direct help, but how about attaching a USB storage? I had a RPI Server running and found out the SD-Card was a huge bottleneck and switched to a SSD attached via USB and it was a huge performance boost. Its also possible to boot from USB.
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