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Hey Guys, I work for a small marketing company, but tinker with my own projects on the side, which is my current use for TinyCP. I have to say, this software is incredible for its ease of use, simplicity of installation and configuration, speed, etc. You developers are very generous to make it available for free. I understand that you'd like to keep it free and sustain the project on donations, which I have done. Yet, here's my opinion/suggestion for a premium version of TinyCP, with the features that would be needed to see this in use by my employer, and other companies like ours. I think these features would really put TinyCP "on the map" and generate instant revenue. Premium Version of TinyCP should support:

  • CloudLinux OS with CageFS configuration
  • Imunify360 Integration
  • LiteSpeed Web Server Enterprise

The incredible thing about the LiteSpeed server is the caching software integration they've built for popular CMSs, aka Wordpress and Drupal. The LiteSpeed caching plugin for Wordpress combines the functionality of what would otherwise take 6 or more different plugins to achieve the same level of site optimization, and it performs the caching and optimization at a low level, allowing for unparalleled Wordpress performance. I consider this to be the "best-kept secret" in the world of Wordpress hosting, which is a huge market. The other panels that support LiteSpeed, cPanel, Plesk, CyberPanel, and DirectAdmin, have horrifically convoluted installation, update, and configuration methods. They should all be ashamed of themselves compared to the simplicity, sophistication, and streamlined experience of TinyCP.

Honestly, LiteSpeed is the most important item on that list. Imunify360 comes next, followed by CloudLinux. Imunify360 is available for Ubuntu, and y'all might be able to gain some of the same isolation between processes with microservices and cgroup configs to make a near equivalent to what CageFS provides.

LiteSpeed provides its own repositories, along with its own custom PHP packages, so, fortunately, installing the server itself on Ubuntu or Cent/CloudLinux is not difficult. We're just missing a panel that we can really love.

That's it for now. Cheers for the upcoming premium edition of TinyCP!

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