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Reported by: Szf
Created: 9 months 9 days ago
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I configured up a domain in punnycode format. (In the CP I can only save in punnycode. It's okay)

When i sending mail to the domain from an external email address (like Gmail), I will get an smtp error with relay access denied:

smtp; 554 5.7.1 <xxxx@domain>: Relay access denied

In the error message, the domain is visible with the special characters, not with in punnycode. When i sending the mail, the mail address (to) is not in punnycode too.

When i sending mail from the same server, but from another domain, the mail is delivered into the target mailbox, but the spam filter mark it as spam, and the mail dropped into the spam folder.

It is possible to correct it somehow with TinyCP?




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