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Hi! First, good job! So far I like the panel! Very fast! 

I am really concern about the "maybe we'll stay free, maybe we we'll demand 200$/month next month". I think you guys should commit to a ballpark and definitive dates, unless you specify clearly that this is a beta run.

I like the panel enough to post here and wait for a response, but if the status stay the same, I cannot commit to this panel, as cool as it seems.

Thanks, and nice work again!


+1 to OP.

This is a great piece of software, and it's very fast for something of it's size and structure. But I will probably move to something else if this panel goes to a pay for use model. Specifically because it's missing a DNS management, multi-tenant (separated user accounts), and a few other key functions a panel should have.

Don't get me wrong, it's a great panel. But the best part about this panel is that it's fast and free.

Starting out for personal use and testing I'd be tempted to drop something in for donations and with a little more progress and, definitely DNS & multi-tenant use I'd definitely consider a fair licensing price for my use and probably would consider upgrading to using for actual hosting customers down the road when the functionality is there and there's obvious signs of real progress being made. Can't even join the discord server right now. The tinycp site barfs up a 500 error.

I really like it. But right now even for my personal and testing use it doesn't cover those two important points so I think I'll only keep it around to see if there's progress and watch for changes. :-/

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