How does Migration works?

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Created: 8 months 21 days ago
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How does Migration works? I was testing it today on fresh vm to see how it works.

* My first issue is that I couldn't ssh to my original server cause my root password contains & + symbols. You need to work a bit on the input method and how your script pass the variables to the ssh command.

* The migration script managed to import all the email addresses, databases and files. But the domains were not imported.

Do I need to create all the domains manually and then run the import script? I even tried to add them manually after migration but, my domains list remain empty. I add the domain, save the changes and i get back to an empty domain list.

And also, will this script install and all the features I have on the original server? or I have to install them manually? I havent test that and I Installed the features by myself.

I solved the issue by renaming the tinycp directory and then reinstalling TinyCP again.

Then I added the root domains without any configuration on them. Once the domains were up i start the migration process and everything came back. Even the subdomains along with their configuration and certificates. I hope that helps the team

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