[GUIDE] How-to Use Fail2Ban to block bots phpMyAdmin etc

Reported by: Chris
Created: 3 months 24 days ago
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Hi All,

In the recent days I noticed this in my logs file.

Of course I want to exposed malicious IP and so forth but I noticed this "scumbag" would not stop anytime soon, so I came up with following solution:

Add/edit /etc/fail2ban/filter.dapache-antibot.conf

# change badurls to fit your taste and needs, this are the more common ones


badurls = myadmin|phpadmin|sql|webdb|wp-login\.php|soapCaller|manager|setup\.php|pma|status|admin\.php|phpmyadmin\.php|pma\.php|PMA|phpmyadmin|myadmin|mysql|mysqladmin|sqladmin|mypma|admin|xampp|mysqldb|mydb|db|pmadb|phpmyadmin1|phpmyadmin2|administrator|database|sql|phpMyAdmin|MyAdmin|dbadmin|php-myadmin|phpmy-admin|phpmyAdmin

failregex = ^(?i)<HOST> .* "(GET|POST|HEAD) .*(%(badurls)s).* HTTP.*" (403|404) .*$

            ^(?i)<HOST> .* "(GET|POST|HEAD) / HTTP.*" (403|404) .*$

ignoreregex =

Add/edit /etc/fail2ban/jail.conf

NOTE: * in the logpath includes all domains within tinycp hence if "" changes to a different domain, it will still get denied access to server.

The above filter plus existing recidive.conf will eradicate the scumbag

Hope this help someone out there.


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