Get "Error: Internal Server Error (500)" and Email Server problem.

Reported by: Mark
Created: 9 months 17 days ago
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I am a new user of tinycp. Right from the first impression, I see tinycp works very fast. There are not many redundant features (though there are still some good features not yet here). I installed Apache2, php-fpm all versions from 5.6 to 7.4. The first problem I encountered was that chmod was not compatible with wordpress. I fixed it by the shell command here:
It seemed that everything worked smoothly until I imported the demo data from the template I bought at themeforest, template use "One Click Demo Import" plugin. I have seen the error: "Error: Internal Server Error (500)".
I don't know if this error is due to me chmod or server ...

Moreover, wordpress often asks for FTP users and passwords when uploading topics or doing upload-related tasks.
Moreover, the email system I installed seems to be unusable.
I tried logging into the mail browser according to the configuration provided by tinycp, but it seemed that my print and out addresses were wrong.

I am using Ubuntu Desktop 20.4.
My question to ask is:

  • How to fix 500 error?
  • How to install Wordpress without having to manually chmod?
  • How to fix FTP login from server (I fixed it by putting FTP info to wp-config.php, but I want a smarter way to set up multiple sites without having to worry about it).
  • How to fix my email system.

Thank you.

For 500 error.

For Email problem.

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