Forum migration + website update, 21.09.2018

Reported by: Maczuga
Created: 2 months 15 days ago
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The site will be unavailable within the next hour. The reason is website update + forum engine change.

The website is back online with update applied!

We are changing the forum to our own. This will allow us to maintain 100% consistency between the accounts and the design.

If you find any bugs, please report them to the new forum in the appropriate category:

Please note: you will now have to use the accounts bound with our website. We will try to connect as many accounts from current forum as we can.

Features currently missing from previous forum:

  • following
  • notifications about replying
  • settings page is currently empty (will be filled with above soon)

Known bugs:

  • avatar change returns error 500 (we are working on it at this moment) FIXED
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