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TINYPC up and running. Kudos.
Question / problem(?): I installed Wordpress via the Application Installer for the (single) domain I have set up in an effort to troubleshoot a Wordpress migration problem I was having. I then deleted the generic Wordpress files and debugged my migration install. Everything is functioning properly now, but I am left with error messages in the Application Installer for the domain (Warning: get_headers(http://seniorgeek.net): failed to open stream: operation failed in /opt/tinycp/www/mods/web/applications/inc/WordPress.class.php on line 34). The Wordpress installer icon is still visible, but the Roundcube icon is no longer there. I do not require any of the applications in this instance. Can I remove them? If so, how? If not, how do I correct the errors so that all is reset. Thank you.

If you still have core WordPress files in domain directory - application installer will think, that WordPress is still installed - that's why Roundcube is not visible at this moment.

If you do not need WordPress in this domain - simply remove all WordPress files from:


Warnings will be fixed in v463.

This also comes with updated WordPress installer from 4.9.6 to 4.9.9 and separate one for 5.0.x version

Thank you for the reply. Unfortunately, my explanation was not clear. Apologies.

There are Wordpress files present in the /var/www/domain_name directory, but they were installed via a separate process (thus, the error messages). My question is as follows: is it possible to either edit or remove TINYCP Application Installer files so that the built-in Wordpress installer script is removed entirely?

Error messages gone after v463 upgrade. I'll settle for that. Thank you (and kudos again for the best control panel in its category). 

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