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Reported by: Uhmimjoey
Created: 4 months 17 days ago
Last reply: 2 months 22 days ago
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Let's start off telling that the Panel is amazing and might turn into my panel soon. There are only a couple points I have left.

I did already made a request thing but here again.

I would love to see:
- Support for NGINX

- Multi-Server Support

- Node.JS Application support via PM2

- Community package creation / 'repository' to download from


- Is there a way to give a Domain an NS or something to point to the server for adding the domain to the panel.

- "WEB" menu item in the panel should be named to "Web"

-  An option to hide certain Databases from the listing. By MySQL the default ones (information_schema, mysql, performance_schema)

- Configuration and System is under an empty Menu Section

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