Error DKIM Exim 4.94

Reported by: WapStyle
Created: 5 months 18 days ago
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  • Exim 4.94 throws an error (paniclog):
    2021-03-30 14:29:44 1lRAgx-0000MI-QJ Tainted filename '/opt/tinycp/domains/'
    2021-03-30 14:29:44 1lRAgx-0000MI-QJ unable to open file for reading: /opt/tinycp/domains/

    I wrote an error message in Discord, but the matter did not move.

    I found a problem, in the Exim config you need to replace the line with DKIM:

    dkim_private_key = /opt/tinycp/domains/${if eq {$sender_address_domain}{} {${domain:$reply_address}}{$sender_address_domain} }/dkim.private.key

    to another that the Exim support suggested in response to the error

    dkim_private_key = ${lookup {${sender_address_domain}} dsearch,ret=full {/opt/tinycp/domains} {$value/dkim.private.key} {false}}

    The error was expressed in the fact that the recipient of the letter did not see the DKIM signature after updating the Exim version I hope to fix it, otherwise after a reboot, the configuration returns to the old one and you have to manually return everything

    I was the only one faced with the fact that all outgoing letters are not signed with a DKIM signature and in fact are considered spam due to an erroneous config generated by TinyCP Dear developer, correct the error, otherwise after reboot you will have to change the exim4 config

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