Error DKIM Exim 4.94

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  • Exim 4.94 throws an error (paniclog):
    2021-03-30 14:29:44 1lRAgx-0000MI-QJ Tainted filename '/opt/tinycp/domains/'
    2021-03-30 14:29:44 1lRAgx-0000MI-QJ unable to open file for reading: /opt/tinycp/domains/

    I wrote an error message in Discord, but the matter did not move.

    I found a problem, in the Exim config you need to replace the line with DKIM:

    dkim_private_key = /opt/tinycp/domains/${if eq {$sender_address_domain}{} {${domain:$reply_address}}{$sender_address_domain} }/dkim.private.key

    to another that the Exim support suggested in response to the error

    dkim_private_key = ${lookup {${sender_address_domain}} dsearch,ret=full {/opt/tinycp/domains} {$value/dkim.private.key} {false}}

    The error was expressed in the fact that the recipient of the letter did not see the DKIM signature after updating the Exim version I hope to fix it, otherwise after a reboot, the configuration returns to the old one and you have to manually return everything

    Sorry, I wrote all this via google translate, English is not my native language
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