Domains missing from the "Domains" page

Reported by: Me
Created: 4 days ago
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I can add new domains, TinyCP properly configures my apache settings, creates the directories. 
However the domain does not show in my "Domains" page.

I can still access it by manually typing in the url, http://myserver:5500/web/domains/domain;
Is there something I can do to fix this?

Nothing is showing up in the error logs either.. Thank you!

Ah. I see what is going on now. I have my domain []... and then I created a new domain on TinyCP using subdomain [] (A record points to the same server). 

It looks like it automatically puts my [] as a listed subdomain for my [] page...

Is there a way to not automatically merge domains/subdomains... they are completely different entities, I'd rather they don't get automatically merged.

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