Compiled for ARM architecture

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Want to make a TON of money TinyCP team...make the tinycpd daemon be arm compatible..
Tens of thousands of ARM users with those single board computers would KILL for a lightweight webgui control panel...and be able to side load it as well
I have read you are going to start charging...I still bet those users/developers would pay for it, especially if you made a simple firewall builder webgui like Smoothwall or ipcop

Ah bugger.  Thought I had found the solution to my control panel problems and now find this.  Sad times
V2 is going to be somehow ARM compatible (working so far on Rock64) - but since it is still unreleased, lots of things may change or some ARM devices might have limited functionality 
Is the project still ongoing? if so, I would like to contribute compiling it for armel and also could do beta testing on my devices
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