Can't change Mail Server Certificate

Reported by: beli3ver
Created: 6 days ago
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I tried to change the Mail cert. I choose a cert click on save I see the loading but then self signed is choosed. Check on SSL connection to mail server shows the same.

I am working on a script that will set a cert and hardening the ssl and tls config
Hey Mate, I got a problem with the setting of the mail server, the location is on the sub domain, and if i setting that cert, and save after save it always going back to default. I dont understand why i cannot chose the option to the new cert, just the defaut. thanks for help

Yes, that is normal, everytime you save, the config is written new.

The developer is on that bug.

Please allow to choose subdomain certs to. Becaus my fqdn for my Mailserver is and not
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