Beginner's Guide: Host Your WordPress Site on a VPS using TinyCP - Step by Step

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We made a guide that shows you how to start a website using a VPS. It's on our website and uses TinyCP to make things easy.

What the Guide Covers:

  1. Why a VPS is Different and Cool! – Dive into the unique world of VPS and its cool factors.
  2. Picking the Right VPS Provider – Arm yourself with knowledge to choose wisely.
  3. Setting Up Your VPS – Navigate through the setup process with ease.
  4. Getting Your Website's Name (Domain Name) – Secure the perfect name for your online presence.
  5. Putting WordPress on Your VPS – Get WordPress up and running on your VPS seamlessly.

You can find and read the guide on our website:

If you have questions or need help, we're here.

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