Lightweight Linux Control Panel

We are pleased to inform you that BETA version of the new TinyCP panel is now available

Over 5000 active TinyCP panels!

... Thank you for your patience to those who have been waiting for the new version.

We decided that TinyCP will be free. To motivate us, we launched donations.
Those are not mandatory, but will certainly be helpful for us. We spend a lot of our time and there are some other costs.
After a few months we will make another decision whether to leave donations or start subscriptions at the lowest possible prices.

Increased performance

Panel interactions are much faster.
Reduced Linux SHELL launching.
Lower consumption of data transfer between server and client.

More secure

Our custom security layer over HTTP.
Connection to the IP is now secured.
Our own guardian software.

Multiple servers management

Manage multiple connections.
Easy switch between servers.

Cross-platform client

Cross-platform desktop application
(Windows, Linux, Apple).

More features

Simple like old but is totally new.
Separated client-side application.
Optimized for mobile devices.
Dark mode, etc.

Better communication

We have launched a Discord server for easier communication with beta testers.